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The Predator and the Prey

Written by atuuschaaw Monday, 06 February 2006

The corporate entity has become the predator and the working people are their prey. How do we move from the bottom of the corporatist's food chain?

The phrase, "survival of the fittest", has been used throughout history by capitalists in describing how the free market system works. This rhetoric has been instrumental in turning our society into a "predator vs. prey" structure which places the corporation in the role of the predator and the working people in the role of it's prey. Forget the two class system of "rich vs. poor". It doesn't do justice to the dilema we now find ourselves within. The working people and their families are literally being eaten alive by the stalking corporate predators. Their appetite is insatiable and they have been devouring anything and everything that happens to cross their paths. Almost 80% of our population is preyed upon by the wealthy minority and they do practically nothing about the situation. Some even welcome the snarling predator with submissive smiles and they never pull against the chains the predators have placed around their necks to keep them restrained. The corporate predator is nothing more than a slave master and you can guess who are the slaves!

Corporate interests think by labeling their free market agendas in some kind of "natural selective theory", it will make their system seem believable and somehow a natural part of society. But the fact is, their "survival of the fittest" rhetoric only uses wealth as a leverage to impose greater economic risk upon the working class. All the while they consume our lives, they remain insulated from risk because they have already devoured the political and justice systems that should be protecting the common people. What few meaningless protections we once thought we had, have been digested, and what remains is the corporate feces or what is better known as an "empirical shit"! Our governments mirror corporate interests due in large part to our failure to remain vigil. We are all guilty of placing more value on ease and convenience over self-education and sacrifice. And our pursuit of truth has taken the backseat to comfort. We are guilty of accepting what we are told by authority without questioning or even requesting evidence. We can no longer afford comfort! We have reached the point we have to bear the burden of truth and it's assault on our conscience. We are now forced to think differently about who we are personally and how we fit into the global awakening of the common people.

I suppose these predators haven't heard about the extinctinon of the dinosaurs due to adverse climatic and enviromental changes which altered the survival rate of one of the best examples of the earth's fittest. Once giants, they died out and the smaller ones adapted to a new world. One thing is for certain in this world we are passing through, and that is the innevitable "change"! Change exists as a creator and change means life. Without change, there is no growth, and without growth, life ceases to exist. Just as a plant, an animal, or our very earth would die without change, so to will a society. If the corporate giants think they will live forever, they are living in a fantasy world. Their time as the predator on this earth is limited and the change in the social enviroment is taking place as we speak. The perfect enviroment the corporate interests have built for themselves is being overcome by changes in social climates throughout the globe. They will be on the endangered structures list before too much longer. The more we discuss the inequalities within our societies and the injustice of the corporate system, the more people learn the truth. Take for example the story about Exxon/Mobil and Chevron/Texaco reaping record breaking profits at the world's expense. While we are paying record prices for gas and oil, these corporations are breaking profit records. Now just what is wrong with this picture and how much longer do you think the common people are going to be willing to accept this practice?

I talk with people daily about the upcoming transition where the corporate predator starves for lack of food. The question always comes up about how the change will take place if we don't have some type of charismatic leader to glue us all together into a more focused entity. I have been in the structured life we live for over fifty years now and I don't believe there is anyone who has been more institutionalized as myself. Yet, I don't see the need for the same type of structures we have seen come and go forever, and I believe it's time for an alternative. I for one don't think waiting for a certain type leader which fits a certain definition is a good idea. But there are a lot of people who seem content to wait for a leader or a group of leaders they can follow. We have been institutionalized to the point we are afraid to think for ourselves and that we can't accomplish anything without some sort of structure in place of which we are familiar. I believe Eugene Debs was way ahead of his time when he said,

Too long have the workers of the world waited for some Moses to lead them out of bondage. I would not lead you out if I could; for if you could be lead out, you could be led back again. I would have you make up your minds there is nothing that you cannot do for yourselves.

The reign of corporate power was engineered by sinister minds who had an uncontrollable lust for unlimited wealth which bought unrestrained power. The mass media was the corporate world's illegitimate child and it aided and abetted it's injust parent every step of the way. We are not without guilt, as we fell asleep while we should have been guarding our rights. We have become the ground that has allowed this corporate fascism to sprout and grow, and the harvest is a poisonous weed which is choking the common working people. When will we say "enough"? When will enough of us have the conviction to rise, fight, and kill the weed which is killing us? The system seems completely out of control and almost impossible to change from within due to the fact the corporatists own the system.

Social changes have to be instituted by the people through unity, organization, and struggle. It's not easy for any of us to question authority or reject the mainstream idealism, especially when our family, friends, and the majority of our society are satisfied in their complacency and continue to offer themselves as a sacrifice to the corporate predator. Once we do step outside the norm, attacks are innevitable and our livelihoods can be threatened and at times even bodily harm to the outsiders can be expected. But all social change has required sacrifice and struggle. So what does that leave us? I'd say it's going to take filling the streets with massive protests. Millions of people marching in the streets with an unrelenting resolve to change the system. I believe this may be the only way we can dislodge the corporate tentacles that are choking us because mass rebellion is practically the only thing the predator has left to fear and this predator hasn't developed a taste for the bile flavor of rebellion!

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