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With the release of the decision in UFCW v. Members for Democracy, a move to a new domain address went from something we had contemplated occasionally to a looming reality. We had 120 days in which to do it. We referred to it as "120 days to r-evolution", our-evolution.

The time had come to build a whole new web site. Five years after its initial launch, the MFD site was bursting at the seams. Our community was expanding and so was its focus. We never strayed from our mission, the empowerment of working people, but as we became more knowledgeable about what was going on around us, our awareness of the interconnectedness of workplace issues with broader issues of social and economic justice, grew as well.

It dawned on us that we live in a system where we are subject to control by multiple tentacles. Our institutions (employers, unions, judicial system, government) are all connected while we are all set apart. Though understanding the connections between the tentacles, their methods and their motives we can free our minds from their received wisdom about ourselves and our potential.

Institutions either control us or we control them. Either we make things happen or things will happen to us. Unions need democratizing but so do the other institutions that affect the quality of our lives - including the places where we work. Those institutions should enhance the quality of our experience here on earth. They should not exploit us, marginalize us or enable our enslavement by private interests. As awareness of the injustice of our marginalization grew, so did our interest in understanding the tools and techniques of oppression. And as our understanding of those increased so did the profound belief that it doesn't have to be this way. This expanded consciousness was reflected in the views expressed by our contributors and the range of discussion in our online forum.

not recorded or plotted on a map, chart, or plan;
broadly: unknown as in uncharted territory; chartless: not yet surveyed or investigated; "uncharted seas"

We were no longer just about the UFCW (although the self-proclaimed "Voice for Working America" continued to provide a treasure-trove of new material about failed 20th century unionism); we were no longer just about unions. We were heading off into new directions and uncharted territory.

A new user-friendly site was created to house an even bigger, broader range of news, information and expression. Its name: uncharted.ca.

Five years ago, we urged our community to take back their unions and engage the future. Today, that message has been expanded and amplified. The future is uncharted. If you go there a free spirit you can create something quite different from our current reality. If you go there in the cage that is our current reality, others will build what suits them.

This message, we believe, is fundamental for people who want to change the present and create a different kind of society for the future.

... it is the nature of the oppressed to imitate the oppressor, and by such actions try to gain relief from the oppressive condition... The truth is, however, that the oppressed are not "marginals," are not living "outside" society. They have always been "inside" the structure which made them "beings for others." The solution is not to 'integrate" them into the structure of oppression, but to transform that structure so that they can become "beings for themselves.

Pedogogy of the Oppressed, Paolo Feire

On our new site, we will continue to inform, expose, educate. We will continue to provide a venue for discussion and the free exchange of views among people who work for a living. We will encourage people to publish their news and their stories and promote their interests. We will provide a venue where like-minded citizen activists can explore alternatives to the current order and take those tentative steps towards something new - where we can become beings for ourselves.

If we continue to attempt to build something new within an old structure, we have lost our opportunity. The speed at which we're moving into the uncharted will not allow the time it takes for a renovation. It must be designed as we go and it must be allowed freedom to adapt. A structure more resembling a balloon which can expand or contract as necessary rather than a hard and fixed space which isn't flexible and doesn't accept change well at all. The very nature of the internet is pooling our future leadership within communities and organizations such as MfD. Although the website is administered and moderated by just a few people, these few don't lead this community in the old way we think of leadership. The community is built on shared thought, reflections, and discussions. Hardly a tangible structure but yet it does have a form, but yet the form isn't fixed. It's more free flowing and adaptive in nature and therein lies the strength of the community IMHO.


We will continue to empower people by disempowering those who exploit them through public exposure.

"No, we will not let you wage this fight behind closed doors where only a handful of lawyers has a voice. We will wage this fight on your doorstep. We will make you defend your actions in the court of world public opinion, before your neighbors, your friends, and the media."

Bechtel v. Bolivia: The People Win

We will more actively encourage more contributions from our community - our writers, artists, thinkers, dreamers, survivors.

"If this is your land, where are your stories?" asks author Ted Chamberlin.

Our stories make us matter, define how we see ourselves and help us stake out common ground. We need not be marginalized and trivialized by the corporate media. Through the Internet, we have our own powerful media.

uncharted is a state of mind. A way of thinking about what is possible without being held back by the disempowering belief systems of the past and present. The present is malleable. The future is uncharted. All things are possible. (wm pasz)

uncharted for us and unchart-able for them. For the first time in history (ever) people are no longer all gathered at the altar of anyone specific - we get to choose who and what we read. Harder to herd when we're grazing in multiple pastures. A statistical nightmare. (Sharyn S)

In the howling winds of uncertainty, a lighthouse on the turbulent seas of information, helping people to navigate the dangerous shoals of untruth and disinformation. (atuuschaaw)

And...it's just a cool domain name. (slek)

I knocked and the door opened, but I found I'd been knocking from the inside.

- Jalal al-Din Muhammad Rumi

Welcome to r-evolution. Welcome to the uncharted.

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