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A Little Bit of History

Back in the Courts

In November of 2005, MFD's 5-year legal dispute with the United Food & Commercial Workers International Union came to an end in the Supreme Court of British Columbia. MFD lost the right to use the ufcw.net domain name but gained a valuable legal ruling and an impetus to take its next evolutionary leap.

In her ruling, the Judge stated:

It is only the bare use of the acronym ufcw in the domain that is objectionable. Should the defendants chose to use ufcw as part its of domain name such as using the domain name like ufcwmembersfordemocracy or ufcwmfd or some other name which incorporates but is not exclusively comprised of the plaintiff's acronym, this may well not amount to a misrepresentation.

The decision provided guidance as well as a precedent for other protest sites. MFD was given 120 days to move to another domain address and ordered to pay $100 in damages to the UFCW.

It was like music to MFD ears. Now free of the five-hundred pound gorilla and only $100 and a usable domain name poorer, MFD was free to get back to what they do best; engaging the future.

You can now find a number of MFD contributors doing their new thing here, their new home, uncharted.ca.

MFD would like to thank everyone who has contributed and participated at ufcw.net and hopes that each of you will continue to share your contributions, your visions, and your desire to engage the future with us.

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