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A Little Bit of History

The Lawsuit

In February of 2002, almost two years after the original MFD website was launched, the UFCW tried to cancel their engagement by slapping MFD with a lawsuit alleging defamation and seeking a declaration that MFD's use of the UFCW's name "in connection with the MFD site" constituted "passing off". The suit also sought an injunction that would have restrained MFD from ever using the UFCW's name or acronym without the UFCW's approval and consent.

It was a bold but ultimately foolish move by the UFCW as MFD wasn't going offline without a fight. It wasn't going offline at all. Union reform activists were flocking to the internet, some setting up their own protest web sites, and their unions were quick to retaliate. Lawsuits or threats of lawsuits had forced many offline already. MFD wasn't going to be one of them.

As months and then years passed without a word from the UFCW, MFD's core members (or "contributors" as we had come to call ourselves) wondered if they would ever see their day in court. Unable to afford legal advice or representation, they decided they were going to keep right on rolling. If the UFCW ever dragged them into court, they'd go there themselves. There was something about being engaged, being creative, hanging out with like-minded others and expressing yourself that made you feel more confident and less vulnerable.

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