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A Little Bit of History

The MFD Community

In the year that had passed since its launch, a community of sorts had developed around the site - one that almost immediately drew in a small but diverse, outspoken and, for the most part, intelligent audience. They came from all over the place to talk, swap stories, exchange views and express themselves. The common denominator seemed to be democratic unionism, or rather the lack thereof in the predominately business oriented labour movement of the time. MFD had become a watering hole, a haven for rebels, activists and people who wanted things to change and were tired of the conventional prescriptions. They were in no hurry to leave.

Amid a flurry of e-mail and telephone calls over the course of a weekend, the groundwork was laid for a new MFD. Promising a broader scope for a more expansive community, MFD took on the mantra of engagement: engage others and engage the future was the war cry. And engaging others was exactly what MFD did.

The MFD message was simple: Fully democratic unions are essential to improving the lives of working people today and in the future. To that end, MFD sought to engage and empower working people by providing news & information, an outlet for discussion & debate, and, most importantly, support for those who would step up to challenge the status quo.

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