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A Little Bit of History

Freedom of Expression

Freedom of expression encouraged expression. Not all of it useful.

MFD suffered its fair share of conniving labour consultants, greasy lawyers, indignant union staffers, and executives. Trolls of various kinds showed up in our forum only to be disappointed as their efforts to disrupt the discussion fell flat.

Even union supporters initially questioned our motives and our commitment (criticism of unions being largely off-limits in union circles). To their surprise, many found that they had something in common with the rest of the gang: an interest in democratic unionism and a desire to see that concept put back into practice.

MFD encouraged people to understand the systems of indoctrination and brainwashing that kept them down and isolated and helped them navigate the manifestly unjust labour relations system. Fighters emerged, battles began, alliances were formed. Community happened.

During this same period of time we grew more conscious of our evolution as a community being part of something bigger. Many interesting developments were taking place in and around the labour movement. The world witnessed the Italian General Strike of 2002, the California Grocery Workers Strike in 2003-2004, the first unionized Wal-Mart in Jonquière Quebec in 2004, and who could forget the messy, and altogether impotent, break-up of the AFL-CIO in 2005?

As institutional unionism spiraled downward, union members were rising up. Health care workers, transit workers, auto workers and many others rose up in defiance of the state and their bureaucratic leaders. Other powerful institutions came under fire as large scale protests across the globe rocked the existing order.

It seemed to MFD that the times, they were a changing and, with that in mind, MFD was eager to change too.

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