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A Little Bit of History

The MFD Web Site

The original MFD website was launched in the spring of 2000 at the domain address www.ufcw.net. The domain address was part of the MFD message - "Giving the power of the union back to the members, where it belongs". The message and MFD's use of the UFCW acronym quickly drew the ire of the UFCW.

The web site's mission was to publicize the small grass roots group's efforts to democratize their union. The Internet allowed them to do something that had hitherto been impossible for rank and file members: reach out to other members of their local (scattered across BC) and to members of their union across North America.

Online they pursued their agenda, advocated for democratic unionism and, in a busy online discussion forum, engaged others - many others - in direct discussion and debate about their issues.

Despite the big ideas and bold intentions, the following year, 2001, almost saw the end of MFD. By the summer, lacking the funds to continue the court battle with the UFCW over the 1999 election results, MFD was forced to drop its lawsuit.

The same summer, one of MFD's founding members left the fledgling reform group amidst tragic personal circumstances and UFCW business reps hinted at a pending legal assault against the group. Amid much despair at having to give up their legal battle for the ballot box and the fear of being dragged into court by their union for expressing their views, members began to bail out. By July 2001, the small group disbanded.

The MFD web site was but one click away from disappearing forever. In fact, MFD did disappear, but only for a few minutes.

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