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Nowtopia | Rethinking the Politics of Work

Written by Wanda Pasz Sunday, 21 December 2008

Digging ourselves our of the current economic crisis is going to require more than tax-payer funded bailouts of failing corporatist ventures. Different ways of conceiving economic and social relations need to be explored by we the people. Chris Carlsson is a writer and community activist who is doing his share to rethink economic relations. A glimpse of his thinking is available in a short piece called Building the anti-economy. His recent book Nowtopia explores the new politics of work.

[Nowtopia] profiles tinkerers, inventors, and improvisational spirits who bring an artistic approach to important tasks that are ignored or undervalued by market society. Rooted in practices that have been emerging over the past few decades, Nowtopia’s exploration of work locates an important thread of self-emancipatory class politics beyond the traditional arena of wage-labor.

An indepth interview with Carlsson:

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