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An Open Letter to MLA Chuck Puchmayr, NDP Labour Critic

Written by uncharted contributor Thursday, 03 January 2008

This year, 2008 marks the 40th anniversary of Vancouver-born Canadian Olympic athlete, Dick Findlay's participation in the 1968 Olympic Games held in Mexico City.

As well, this year is also distinguished by the 20th anniversary of Mr. Findlay's shameful firing by Vancouver's Molson Brewery for which he continues to seek redress.

Findlay, a former three-time Canadian boxing champion has recently issued an Open Letter to the BC NDP's Labour Critic, Chuck Puchmayr. Mr. Findlay has alleged that Mr. Puchmayr conspired with other members of the Brewery, Winery & Distillery Workers' Union Local 300, playing an instrumental role in the denial to Dick Findlay a fair settlement of his long-standing grievance with Molson.

With no reply forthcoming from Chuck Puchmayr, Mr. Findlay has consented to allow his letter to the widest of distribution.

An Open Letter to Chuck Puchmayr, MLA for New Westminster and Labour Critic for the NDP - from Former Canadian Olympic Athlete Dick Findlay

About Dick Findlay:

Vancouver-born Dick Findlay is considered to be one of the greatest boxing champions to have ever come out of B.C. Between the years 1965-68 he compiled an astounding list of titles that included:

1965 - Seattle Golden Gloves Champion

  • California Inter-City Champion

1966 - Vancouver Golden Gloves Champion

  • B.C. Golden Boy and Best Bout Award
  • B.C. Champion and Most Outstanding Boxer Award
  • Selected National Team Member for Canada at the British Empire Games

1967 - Oregon Golden Gloves Champion

  • B.C. Golden Gloves Champion
  • B.C. Golden Boy and Best Bout Award Canadian Champion
  • Selected National Team Member for Canada at the Pan-American Games

1968 - Seattle Golden Gloves Champion

  • B.C. Golden Gloves Champion
  • B.C. Diamond Belt Champion
  • B.C. Diamond Boy
  • Canadian Champion
  • Canada Team Member at Olympic Games

1969 - Pro Record 10 - 1

1969 - 88 - Molson Employee

1988 - Present

  • Disabled and seeking proper restitution for my wrongful dismissal from Molson Breweries.

This, my greatest fight ever, goes on.

Contact Dick Findlay: Telephone (604) 873-2107

About Chuck Puchmayr:

Austrian-born Chuck Puchmayr is a former brewery worker who worked in the filtering cellars of the now defunct Carlings Brewery before transferring to Molson Brewery as part of a merger of the two plants in 1989.

A member of the Brewery, Winery, Distillery Workers’ Union Local 300 since the late 1970s, Puchmayr’s involvement in his union’s politics includes a term as the union’s Secretary Treasurer (1998-2000) and culminates with one term as the union’s Business Agent (2001-2003).

November 1996 - Puchmayr is elected to the first of three terms as a New Westminster city councillor.

January 9, 2003 - In the final year of his term as Business Agent for the Brewery Workers’ Union Local 300, Puchmayr signs an agreement with Labatt Breweries to settle the longstanding grievances of yet another disabled member of his union.

In so doing, Puchmayr agrees to a nullification of a winning arbitration award. This serves to undermine the future rights and interests of countless other disabled members of Local 300 in numerous other bargaining units.

The Puchmayr deal further rescinds/abrogates the right of disabled workers at Labatt to grieve in disputes involving disability benefits. Puchmayr’s deal with Labatt effectively ‘clears the decks’ for Labatt, allowing the brewing giant to close its New Westminster plant in 2005 unencumbered by any outstanding claims for disability benefits by its workforce.

May 17, 2005 - Puchmayr is elected as the MLA for New Westminster. Notwithstanding his deplorable record as a union leader, Puchmayr is soon designated by NDP Leader Carole James as the Labour Critic for the NDP, the party that purports to speak for working people. Go figure.

Contact Chuck Puchmayr:

Telephone: (604) 775-2101

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