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Head of UFCW Canada Bails Out

Written by Wanda Pasz Friday, 28 April 2006

UFCW reformers are celebrating today at the news that UFCW's Canadian Director, Michael Fraser, has bailed from his post as the head of the union's Canadian franchise.

The news, announced on UFCW Canada's web organ today, gives the official reason for Fraser's unexpected departure as retirement.

A follow-up story gives a colourless history of Fraser's many achievements since he was appointed to the Canadian throne by his uncle, former Canadian Director, Cliff Evans.

We'd like to take this opportunity to celebrate some of the more memorable milestones of the guy that some call "stick boy".

Under Mike's guidance and leadership, the Canadian UFCW delivered some stunning breakthroughs in collective bargaining - backwards. The Secret Deals Done Dirt Cheap were so many and so inventive that even the most pragmatic of biz unionist sell-out artists were left behind in the dust. How low would Mike go? No one seemed to know.

Mike's loyalty to his corporate partners was beyond question as he stood tall to help them cut costs and beat the competition. Mike proved his mettle time and again by standing up for Loblaw Companies in their imaginary war against Wal-Mart where, thanks to Mike, non-union workers now earn more than UFCW members at Loblaws Real Canadian Supersores.

Dedicated to helping himself and others just like him, Mike was willing to let his organizers try out new techniques of persuasion. He beefed up UFCW coffers and bargained hard for cash in exchange for concessions.

Mike contributed greatly to the cause of union reform. Under his shakey hand, the UFCW's relentless efforts to crack down on dissenters got the UFCW much publicity especially on the Internet. There was no member too vulnerable to be spared the wrath of Mike's crack legal team, led by his cousin Johnny Evans, son-of-Cliff-and-General-Counsel-to-the-UFCW, and no battle too stupid to fight.

Outraged members flocked to the Internet to set up union reform sites and to tell their shocking stories. But Mike was undeterred by their dissing and dissenting. The war on members continued, spilling out into meetings of young socialists.

A trustee and staunch defender of the Canadian UFCW's beleaguered pension plan, CCWIPP, when a regulator's damning report about the plan's innovative investment practices made headlines Mike rushed in to distract worried members with a beaver.

Mike's candor and from-the-heart invective led the UFCW from one embarrassing courtroom drama to another but no matter. Mike was always in good spirits.

We at uncharted.ca owe a great debt of gratitude to Mike Fraser. If it wasn't for his decision to sue our asses at our predecessor web site - Members for Democracy - we might have gotten bored of this online shitdisturbing and gone offline a long time ago. But Mike's dogged determination to drag out the process over five years just got us madder and madder and we just kept writing stuff and expressing ourselves and well, here we are today.

Thanks for everything Mike. Here's to ya. We know Hanley will try hard to beat your track record but he'll have a tough act to follow.

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