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What is BBCode?

Showing images in posts

phpBB BBCode incorporates a tag for including images in your posts. Two very important things to remember when using this tag are: many users do not appreciate lots of images being shown in posts and second, the image you display must already be available on the Internet (it cannot exist only on your computer, for example, unless you run a webserver!).

To display an image, you must surround the URL pointing to the image with [img][/img] tags. For example: [img]http://www.phpbb.com/images/phplogo.gif[/img]

As noted in the URL section above you can wrap an image in a [url][/url] tag if you wish, eg. [url=http://www.phpbb.com/][img]http://www.phpbb.com/images/phplogo.gif[/img][/url] would generate:


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