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What is BBCode?

Generating lists

BBCode supports two types of lists, unordered and ordered. They are essentially the same as their HTML equivalents. An unordered list ouputs each item in your list sequentially one after the other indenting each with a bullet character.

To create an unordered list you use [list][/list] and define each item within the list using [*].

For example, to list your favorite colours you could use:


This would generate the following list:

  • Red
  • Blue
  • Yellow

The second type of list, an ordered list gives you control over what is output before each item. To create an ordered list you use [list=1][/list] to create a numbered list or alternatively [list=a][/list] for an alphabetical list.

As with the unordered lists, list items are specified using [*]. For example:

[*]Go to the shops
[*]Buy a new computer
[*]Swear at computer when it crashes

will generate the following:

  1. Go to the shops
  2. Buy a new computer
  3. Swear at computer when it crashes

Whereas for an alphabetical list you would use:

[*]The first possible answer
[*]The second possible answer
[*]The third possible answer

Which would generate:

  1. The first possible answer
  2. The second possible answer
  3. The third possible answer
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