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UFCW meets with MDU: Strings attached

Written by Sharyn Sigurdur Tuesday, 18 April 2006

UFCW International is sending troups - a one-man troup. Jeff Ferro, District 8's assistant to International executive VP Shaun Barclay, has been deployed to meet with MDU members to hear complaints about the recent merger of UFCW Locals 588 and 1288. There's just one catch - that we know of.

UFCW's willingness to consider the concerns of its members in California comes long after the fact. Adding insult to injury is the embarassingly undemocratic stipulation that Ferro will only meet with complainants one-at-a-time.

He is flying up from LA and will be in the area. He says he will meet us INDIVIDUALLY, but not as a group.

The recent merger effectively blocked the already scheduled June executive election, and consequently wiped any hope for the MDU opposition slate to take back their local. The merger had International President Joe Hansen's blessing, despite numerous complaints against it and mountains of evidence to support the complaints. When the dust settled, the merger passed, the election was dodged and all pleas, letters and complaints for International guidance went unanswered by UFCW dueskeepers - until now!

MDU has made it abundantly clear (and very public) that they will not let the injustice go unchallenged. MDU has been filing appropriate complaints with the appropriate legal authorities and appear to have all their ducks in a row to see it through to it's fair end.

That the International is just now stepping in to investigate is curious to say the least. That it's stepping in is steeped in clandestine like ultimatum is curious_er. Or as some might venture, just plain UFCW ass-covering predictable.

Officer Jeff is inviting members with complaints, to contact him through his International address - come one, come all! Just not together!

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