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The MFD Archive! It's alive!

Written by Kelsey Sigurdur Saturday, 18 February 2006

"What is the MFD archive?" you ask. Well, it's an archive of all the content; news posts, articles, and discussions, created by MFD contributors between the years 2000 and 2006.

It contains approximately 5851 items broken down into 15 categories: news, topics, Weekly, Trough, CCWIPP, Backroom Chronicles, CUPE, HJ Finnamore, General, Opinion, Swiss Chalet, Teamsters, Toolkit, and United Association. You can browse the archive by visiting the browse page and optionally setting the browsing criteria which includes the categories listed above and also provides an option to browse by author.

Though not functional at the moment; we're still waiting for them to spider the site, we've also included a Google Site Search utility at the top of every page that you can use to search the entire archive for whatever keywords you choose.

The front page of the archive contains 4 sets of dynamically updating lists and one set of MFD's favorite content items. Each dynamic list contains the 10 most popular items from their respective categories as measured in page hits.

So, before I forget, here's your link to the Members for Democracy Archive.

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