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  1. CCWIPP Trustees "Totally Failed" Judge Rules

    Monday, 07 December 2009
    Trustees of the Canadian Commercial Workers Industry Pension plan were convicted today of violating the Pension Benefits Act of Ontario. Multiple charges were laid against the trustees in 2006 after a
  2. CCWIPP Trustees' Bahamas Resort Deal in the Toilet

    Sunday, 06 December 2009
    ... $1 billion casino-resort project) would recoup their investment and then some. Finally, in 2008, the CCWIPP Annual Report announced that the resort was sold and that the CCWIPP "received total c
  3. CCWIPP Financial Statement for 2008 Now Online

    Sunday, 06 December 2009
    ...btained a copy of the 2008 financial statement for the Canadian Commercial Workers Industry Pension Plan (CCWIPP). The news is devastating. Highlights for 2008 include: Losses from investments: $
  4. Pension Restructuring Looms for CCWIPP Members

    Sunday, 21 June 2009
    More bad news for members of UFCW Canada's beleaguered CCWIPP pension plan: A notice from the pension plan's trustees this past week announced a -19.6% rate of return for 2008 and warned that "without
  5. Canada: Organized Crooks' Playground

    Sunday, 02 December 2007
    Canada is fast becoming the Nigeria of the North where a patchwork of hapless financial regulatory agencies compete with each other to see which one comes out more inept and useless. Criminal entrepre
  6. A Legal Letdown in CCWIPP Class Action Suit

    Sunday, 06 May 2007
    Retirees pursuing a class action lawsuit against the CCWIPP pension plan's trustees and contributing employers have hit a bump on the road. We've got some words of encouragement. An unexpected setback
  7. More Bad News for CCWIPP Trustees

    Thursday, 03 May 2007
    ...cial Workers Industry Pension Plan. The latest from CWIP-land: Bahamas sources have told us that the CCWIPP trustees' much ballyhooed "sale" of the mothballed South Ocean Golf and Beach Resort to
  8. UFCW Pension Plan Members Launch Class Action Suit Against Trustees

    Wednesday, 24 January 2007
    Members of the Canadian Commercial Workers Industry Pension Plan have launched a class action lawsuit against the pension plan's trustees. Their Statement of Claim, filed in Ontario Superior Court, se
  9. Mondo Minchia! The UFCW's Pension Nightmare Just Got Scarier

    Monday, 04 December 2006
    ...The fact their their union's massive pension plan, the Canadian Commercial Workers Industry Pension Plan (CCWIPP - pronounced "quip") had millions of dollars invested in the hotel, made the UFCW's sil
  10. Bob Rae's Secret Life

    Sunday, 26 November 2006
    ...nd the head of the investment committee of its massive Canadian Commercial Workers Industry Pension Plan (CCWIPP, pronounced "quip"). Evans was about to embark on a bizarre investment spree that would
  11. RCMP Wimps Out On CCWIPP Members

    Friday, 13 October 2006
    According to a report in the Toronto Star the RCMP has declined to investigate the UFCW's troubled CCWIPP pension plan. The decision was based on an unspecified "assessment".
  12. Pension Trustees Wake Up With Fleas

    Saturday, 01 July 2006
    ...lize the depth of the shit they're in, the savvy business execs who made up the other half of the sinking CCWIPP-ship's Board of Trustees are, we can be reasonably sure, painfully aware of their predi
  13. UFCW Pension Trustees Busted

    Thursday, 29 June 2006
    The Financial Services Commission of Ontario has charged the trustees of the UFCW's troubled Canadian Commercial Workers Industry Pension Plan with breaking the law - over and over again. The Charg
  14. Pension Leaches Take a Stand for Insolvency

    Tuesday, 16 May 2006
    ...current regulations, the Labourers' plan would fall 46% short of those obligations. The UFCW's bedraggled CCWIPP would be about $700 million short (according to its actuarial report for 2004.) And the
  15. Head of UFCW Canada Bails Out

    Friday, 28 April 2006
    ...of young socialists. A trustee and staunch defender of the Canadian UFCW's beleaguered pension plan, CCWIPP, when a regulator's damning report about the plan's innovative investment practices mad
  16. Full House For UFCW Pension Trustees

    Thursday, 27 April 2006
    ...dian Commercial Workers Industry Pension Plan ought to know. uncharted.ca has learned that Christophe, a CCWIPP trustee and spokesperson for the troubled pension plan and Fraser, Executive Vice Presi
  17. CCWIPP Trustees Straighten Up and Fly...Backwards?

    Sunday, 02 April 2006
    ...gs of non-comliance seriously enough. Last week saw a new twist in the ongoing sweep-up operation. A CCWIPP news release announced CCWIPP Appoints External Compliance Officer to Strengthen Pensio
  18. Biz Union Black Ops P01: Untangling the Web

    Friday, 03 March 2006
    ...D site - and began our ongoing inquiry into the UFCW's Canadian Commercial Workers Industry Pension Plan (CCWIPP). If the mainstream labour movement has any haunted houses, they must surely be th
  19. Another UFCW Pension Plan in the Hole

    Friday, 24 February 2006
    ... the Board of Trustees of my pension plan is controlled by the same man who until recently controlled the CCWIPP Investment Committee - Cliff Evans. As you are aware, the CCWIPP has been the subje
  20. Pathetic Pension Trustees Threaten Members

    Monday, 20 February 2006
    ...e so many bags of festering trash, the trustees of the Canadian Commercial Workers Industry Pension Plan (CCWIPP - pronounced "quip") have been lurching from one lame attempt at damage control to anot
  21. The MFD Archive! It's alive!

    Saturday, 18 February 2006
    ...006. It contains approximately 5851 items broken down into 15 categories: news, topics, Weekly, Trough, CCWIPP, Backroom Chronicles, CUPE, HJ Finnamore, General, Opinion, Swiss Chalet, Teamsters, To
  22. UFCW Pension Gurus Slammed Again

    Tuesday, 14 February 2006
    Regulator slams pension's paperwork. No documents to support investments. Millions went to Caribbean properties. Media coverage of the UFCW's Canadian pension debacle continues in today's Toronto Star
  23. RCMP Looking Into UFCW Pension Plan

    Monday, 13 February 2006
    According to a report in the Toronto Star, the RCMP is considering a criminal investigation of the UFCW's Canadian Commercial Workers Industry Pension Plan. read more...
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